Born and raised in Denmark, Morten’s innate talent for entrepreneurship overpowered his academic desire to finish business school and over the past 30 years he has been involved in over 200 companies globally.
A rare entrepreneurial professional with personal experience of several complete business cycles. 20 years of board and shareholder level experience, yet still capable of hands-on execution of projects. Created, managed and monetized over U$ 750 Million of enterprise shareholder value.
Real-world expertise in creating and directing highly effective strategies and their execution. Proven track record of business formation, fund raising, incubation, revenue development, growth, territorial expansion, capital realization and exit strategies.
On top of the usual corporate experience, Morten combines personal entrepreneurial experience and invaluable international commercial skills, guided by a clear vision and a passion for creating value. Experienced in both emerging and established markets. He possess strong social and motivational skills resulting in very strong team performances.

After selling his first business within the chemical industry he moved into hightech telecommunications in the late 80’s creating various companies in Europe, United Kingdom, Hong Kong & Brazil. In the late 90’s, ventures from within the telecommunications market lead to the creation of various Internet startups and digital TV companies.
In 2005 Morten reassessed his business strategy and over the past years has taken on a role as a VC, sharing the opportunity of success with talented, likeminded people.

Currently residing in London, projects now include multi family property development within the UK market Neighbour.co.uk